• 11:57 am Bladen’s Best of the Best for 2019
  • 11:35 am Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations
  • 12:50 am Pork Skins Recall
  • 12:27 am Sayaun Dent & Sandhills Fifth In NJCAA Nationals
  • 12:24 am Track & Field Knights Third in St. Pauls Meet
  • 12:16 am Patty Evers Coaches North Carolina to All-Star Win
  • 12:11 am DeVane and Harrelson initiated into oldest Honor Society

This Day In History1794 – Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin machine revolutionizing the cotton industry in the southern US states.

1812 – Congress authorizes war bonds to finance War of 1812.

1862 – Battle of New Bern, North Carolina: General Burnside conquers New Bern.

1900 – US currency goes on gold standard after Congress passes the Currency Act.

1903 – 1st national bird reservation established in Sebastian, Florida.

1913 – John D. Rockefeller gives $100 million to Rockefeller Foundation.

1923 – US President Warren G. Harding becomes 1st president to pay taxes.

1937 – Battle of the Century: Fred Allen & Jack Benny meet on radio show during their “fued”.

1950 – FBI’s “10 Most Wanted Fugitives” program begins.

1958 – Recording Industry Association of America created.

1958 – RIAA certifies 1st gold record (Perry Como’s Catch a Falling Star)

1960 – 14 die in a train crash in Bakersfield, California.

1964 – Dallas, Texas: Jack Ruby sentenced to death for Lee Harvey Oswald murder.

1973 – Future US Senator John McCain is released after spending over five years in a North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp.

1983 – OPEC cut oil prices for 1st time in 23 years.

1995 – 1st time 13 people in space.

1997 – President Clinton trips & injures his knee requiring surgery.

2016 – Marco Rubio announces he is dropping out of the Republican presidential nomination race.

2016 – NASA releases data showing February 2016 warmest month ever recorded globally – 1.35C above the long-term average.

2018 – NASA twin study finds that Scott Kelly is no longer identical to his twin brother after one year in space, 7% of his genes altered.

2018 – US students across American commemorate Florida high school shooting with mass walkouts across the country.