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This Day In History1781 – British and American forces clash during the Battle of Guilford Court House, North Carolina. British suffer heavy losses surrendering to George Washington in October.

1820 – Maine admitted as 23rd state of the Union.

1867 – Michigan becomes 1st state to tax property to support a university.

1892 – 1st escalator patented by inventor Jesse W Reno (NYC)

1913 – 1st US presidential press conference (Woodrow Wilson)

1922 – 1st southern radio station begins (WSB, Atlanta, Georgia)

1930 – 1st streamlined submarine of US Navy, USS Nautilus, launched.

1937 – 1st state contraceptive clinic opens (Raleigh, NC)

1950 – NYC hires Dr. Wallace E. Howell as its official “rainmaker”

1955 – US Air Force unveils self-guided missile.

1960 – Key Largo Coral Reef Preserve established (1st underwater park)

1965 – T.G.I. Friday’s 1st restaurant opens in NYC.

1971 – Chatrooms make their debut on ARPANET, the forerunner of the Internet.

1977 – US House of Representatives begins 90 day test of televising its session.

1985 – The first Internet domain name, symbolics.com is registered.

1989 – US Department of Veterans Affairs officially established as a Cabinet position.

1994 – Experts from American League certify Indian’s Jacob Field is properly lit.

2016 – Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence wins Go challenge against Lee Se-dol, 4-1.

2018 – Toy chain Toys R Us announces it will close all its stores after filing for bankruptcy.

2018 – Pedestrain bridge in Miami, Florida, collapses onto 8-lane highway 5 days after it was built, killing 6.