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This Day in History for May 17

1733 – Great Britain passes Molasses Act, putting high tariffs on rum and molasses imported to the colonies from a country other than British possessions.

1792 – 24 merchants form New York Stock Exchange at 70 Wall Street.

1865 – The International Telegraph Union (later the International Telecommunication Union) is established.

1877 – Edwin T. Holmes installs 1st telephone switchboard burglar alarm.

1897 – The first successful submarine that can run submerged for any considerable distance and combines electric and gasoline engines is launched in the USA by its designer John Philip Holland.

1900 – “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is first published by L. Frank Baum with illustrations by William Wallace Denslow in Chicago.

1925 – Cleveland Indian Tris Speaker gets his 3,000th hit.

1932 – US Congress changes name “Porto Rico” to Puerto Rico”

1938 – US Congress approves Vinson Naval Act, which funds a two-ocean navy.

1944 – General Eisenhower sets D-Day for June 5th.

1954 – US Supreme Court unanimously rules on Brown v Topeka Board of Education reverses 1896 “separate by equal” Plessy v Ferguson decision.

1961 – Fidel Castro offers to exchange Bay of Pigs prisoners for 500 bulldozers.

1971 – Washington State bans sex discrimination.

1973 – Senate Watergate Committee begins its hearings.

1978 – Lee Lacy hits record 3rd consecutive pinch-hit home run.

1989 – Longest Cab Rider Ever: 14,000 miles costs $16,000.

1993 – Intel’s new Pentium processor is unveiled.

2001 – US President George W. Bush calls for reduced regulations to encourage more oil, gas, and nuclear production.

2009 – Video game Minecraft is first released to the public while in development.

2015 – Gun fight between rival biker gangs and police in Waco, Texas leaves 9 dead and 18 injured. 170 later arrested for organized crime.

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