This Day In History
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1880 – Best selling American novel “Ben-Hur: A Tale of The Christ” by soldier Lew Wallace is published.

1910 – 1st possible movie stunt: man jumps into the Hudson river from a burning balloon.

1920 – Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis elected 1st baseball commissioner by team owners.

1925 – US & Italy sign peace accord about war debts.

1933 – 1st NFL football game on a Sunday at Philadelphia’s Baker Bowl – sporting events on Sunday had been illegal on Sundays: Eagles tie Chicago Bears, 3-3.

1940 – Blizzard strikes North America midwest, 154 die (69 on boat on Great Lakes)

1945 – Nobel Peace Prize awarded to American politician Cordell Hull (for establishing the UN)

1953 – US District Judge Grim, rules NFL can black out TV home games.

1958 – Bob Turley of NY Yankees wins Cy Young Award.

1966 – Buzz Aldrin takes the first ‘space selfie’, a photo of himself performing extravehicular activity in space during the Gemini program.

1969 – US Army announces investigating William Calley for alleged massacre of civilians at Vietnamese village of My Lai on March, 19.

1972 – 22nd NASCAR Sprint Cup: Richard Petty wins.

1979 – US President Carter announces a halt to Iranian oil imports & freezes Iranian assets.

1984 – Space Shuttle astronauts snared a satellite 1st space salvage.

1990 – “The Body Bag Game” – after Eagles coach Buddy Ryan threatens beating Redskins so badly “they’ll have to be carted off in body bags” the Eagles defense score 3 touchdowns winning 28-14, knocking 8 Redskins out of the game.

2001 – In New York City, American Airlines Flight 587, an Airbus A300 on its way to the Dominican Republic, crashes minutes after takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport, killing all 260 on board and five on the ground.

2012 – Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Pavel Bure and Adam Oates are inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

2019 – Disney launches its film and television streaming service Disney+.

2021 – LA judge rules to end Britney Spears’ conservatorship, which had controlled almost all aspects of her life for 14 years.