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This Day in History for October 21

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1902 – In the United States, a five month strike by United Mine Workers ends.

1915 – William Jennings Bryan’s successor as US Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, sends a note to Great Britain protesting interference with US shipping.

1921 – “The Sheik”, a silent film starring Rudolph Valentino, premieres in Los Angeles.

1944 – World War II: US troops capture Aachen, 1st large German city to fall.

1948 – Facsimile high-speed radio transmission demonstrated (Washington, D.C.)

1950 – Tom Powers of Duke scores 6 touchdowns.

1959 – Players Association approves 2 All-Star games in 1960, to be held in KC & NY.

1964 – Braves ask NL to allow them to leave Milwaukee for Atlanta.

1964 – Film version of “My Fair Lady” directed by George Cukor and starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn premieres in New York (Academy Awards Best Picture 1965)

1965 – Nobel prize for chemistry awarded to Robert B. Woodward.

1967 – Tens of thousands of anti-Vietnam War protesters march on the Pentagon, besieging the military headquarters for two days.

1971 – William H Rehnquist & Lewis Powell nominated to US Supreme Court by Nixon, following resignations of Justices Hugo Black and John Harlan.

1973 – 23rd NASCAR Sprint Cup: Benny Parsons wins.

1980 – Phillies win their 1st World Championship in their 98-year history.

1989 – Houston becomes 1st major college team to gain 1000 yards in a game.

1995 – Addison Vance, 18, of Hickory, NC, crowned 7th Ms Venus Swimwear.

2001 – “United We Stand” benefit concert for September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, held at RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C. organized and headlined by Michael Jackson and featuring Aerosmith, Mariah Carey and The Backstreet Boys.

2007 – Tennessee kicker Bob Bironas sets NFL record for most points scored in a game (no touchdowns) with 26 in the Titans 38-36 win vs Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium, Houston.

2014 – Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

2018 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus is presented with the Mark Twain Prize, comedy’s top honor, at a ceremony in New York.

2020 – Parents of 545 children cannot be found that were separated at the US-Mexican border according to American Civil Liberties Union.