This Day In History
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1746 – Princeton University (NJ) received its charter.

1861 – 1st telegraph line linking West & East coasts completed.

1907 – Ringling Brothers Greatest Show on Earth buys Barnum & Bailey circus.

1907 – Panic of 1907: A run on Knickerbocker Trust Company stock leads to US wide run on banks.

1928 – Herbert Hoover speaks of “American system of rugged individualism”

1939 – NBC becomes first network to televise a pro football game: Brooklyn Dodgers beat Philadelphia Eagles, 23-14 at Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field.

1962 – Cuban Missile Crises: US President John F. Kennedy addresses TV about Russian missile bases in Cuba and imposes a naval blockade on Cuba, beginning the missile crises.

1967 – Ryder Cup Golf, Champions GC: US beats Great Britain 23 1/2 to 8 1/2; Ben Hogan captains Americans to record 15-point victory margin.

1968 – Apollo 7 returns to earth.

1975 – World Football League disbands after the Week 12 of their second season.

1979 – Walt Disney World’s 100-millionth guest.

1981 – US national debt tops $1 trillion.

1991 – General Motors announces 9 month loss of $US2.2 billion.

1997 – Yahoo completes purchase of Four11.

2005 – Tropical Storm Alpha forms in the Atlantic Basin, making the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record with 22 named storms.

2008 – Google Play is launched, the official app store for the Android operating system.

2009 – Microsoft releases Windows 7.

2017 – AT&T buys Time Warner for $85.4 billion.

2019 – US drug company Biogen claims to have created 1st drug to slow advance of Alzheimer’s disease called aducanumab.

2019 – Top US diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, testifies President Donald Trump tied aid to Ukraine to demands the country open an investigation into the Biden family.