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1829 – Eastern State Penitentiary is opened in Pennsylvania, the 1st prison in the United States to entirely use the solitary confinement system.

1870 – Postcards first used in USA.

1923 – US Senate committee publishes 1st report on Teapot Dome scandal.

1929 – Former Interior Secretary Albert B. Fall convicted of accepting $100,000 bribe in the Teapot scandal – 1st US Cabinet member to go to jail.

1937 – Casey Stengel signs to manage the Boston Bees.

1940 – Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. becomes 1st African American general in US Army.

1951 – Peace talk aimed at ending Korean War resumed in Panmunjom.

1955 – Tappan sells 1st microwave oven.

1960 – 1st electronic wrist watch placed on sale, NYC.

1962 – US Ambassador to the UN Adlai Stevenson demands USSR UN rep Zorin answer regarding Cuban missile bases saying “I am prepared to wait for an answer until hell freezes over.”

1964 – “The Wrong Way Run”, Viking Jim Marshall runs 66 yards in wrong direction for a safety (NFL’s #1 blooper)

1968 – US men’s basketball team beats Yugoslavia 65-50 to win the gold medal at the Mexico City Olympics; 7th straight basketball title for the Americans.

1974 – US Air Force fires 1st ICBM.

1978 – Padres Gaylord Perry is 1st to win Cy Young in both leagues (NL).

1984 – “Give My Rewards to Broad Street” premieres (Gotham Theater NYC)

1990 – “40-Hour Week” 9th studio album by Alabama is re-released (original release 1985)

1994 – Susan Smith (SC) claims her 2 kids were carjacked (she actually killed them)

2001 – Windows XP first becomes available.

2010 – “Speak Now” 3rd studio album by Taylor Swift is released (Billboard Album of the Year 2011)

2012 – Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in Cuba and Haiti killing 65 people and causing over $80 million in damage.