This Day In History
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1873 – P.T. Barnum’s circus, “Greatest Show on Earth”, debuts (New York City)

1894 – Daniel Cooper patents time clock.

1919 – Baseball league presidents call for abolishment of spitball.

1938 – A radio broadcast of H.G. Wells “The War of the Worlds”, narrated by Orson Welles, allegedly causes a mass panic.

1940 – Film premiere of “One Night in the Topics” first film for Abbott and Costello…Patterson New Jersey.

1945 – Branch Rickey signs Jackie Robinson to a Montreal Royals contract.

1945 – US government announces end of shoe rationing.

1952 – Clarence Birdseye sells first frozen peas.

1954 – 1st use of 24-second shot clock in pro basketball (Rochester vs Boston)

1960 – 12th NASCAR Sprint Cup: Rex White wins.

1963 – Sandy Koufax wins NL MVP award.

1972 – Worst US rail accident in 14 years; 45 die in Chicago, Illinois.

1974 – Catfish Hunter is named AL Cy Young Award winner.

1974 – “Rumble in the Jungle”: Muhammad Ali KOs George Foreman in the 8th round in Kinshasa, Zaire; regains world heavyweight boxing title with famous “rope-a-dope” tactic.

1985 – “Rockin with the Rhythm” 2nd studio album by The Judds is released (Billboard Album of the Year 1986)

1996 – Exxon confirms that it is in talks with state-owned Qatar General Petroleum Corporation concerning the application of new technology to convert natural gas to petroleum products.

2012 – Walt Disney purchases Lucasfilm Ltd and its rights for Star Wars and Indiana Jones for $4.05 billion.

2017 – President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort and associate Rick Gates are indicted on fraud charges, advisor George Papadopoulos pleads guilty to lying to the FBI.

2018 – US Pentagon sends 5,200 troops to Mexican border in advance of migrant caravan from Central America.

2019 – Twitter head Jack Dorsey announces it will no longer take political ads.