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This Day in History – January 27

1785—1st US state university chartered, Athens, Georgia.

1823—President Monroe appoints 1st US ambassadors to South America.

1864—Civil War skirmish at Kelly’s Ford, Va.

1870—After accepting 15th amendment, Virgina is readmitted to Union.

1880—Thomas Edison patents electric incandescent lamp.

1888—National Geographic Society organizes (Washington, DC)

1902—5 workers killed in explosion during IRT subway construction (NYC).

1918—“Tarzan of the Apes”, 1st Tarzan film, premieres at Broadway Theater.

1939—First flight of the Lockheed P-38 Lighting.

1943—1st US air attack on Germany (Wilhelmshafen)

1948—1st tape recorder sold.

1956—Elvis Presley releases the single “Heartbreak Hotel.”

1961—“Sing Along With Mitch” (Miller) premieres on NBC-TV.

1965—1st ground station-to-aircraft radio communications via satellite.

1970—Movie rating system modifies “M” rating to “PG”

1973—UCLA’s basketball team wins 61st consecutive game (NCAA record)

1976—“Laverne & Shirley” spinoff from “Happy Days” premieres on ABC TV.

1984—Michael Jackson is burned during the filming for Pepsi commercial.

1988—Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approves nomination of Judge Anthony M. Kennedy to US Supreme Court.

1992—Presidential candidate Bill Clinton (D) & Jennifer Flowers accuse each other of lying over her assertion they had a 12-year affair.

1997—“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” opens at Gershwin NYC.

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