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This Day in History – July 29

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This Day In History
1773 – 1st schoolhouse west of Allegheny Mountains completed, Schoenbrunn, Ohio.
1786 – 1st newspaper published west of Alleghanies, Pittsburgh Gazette.
1847 – Cumberland School of Law founded in Lebanon, Tennessee, USA.  At the end of 1847 only 15 law schools exist in the United States.
1920 – 1st transcontinental airmail flight from NY to San Francisco.
1927 – 1st iron lung installed (Bellevue hospital, NY).
1932 – Great Depression: in Washington, D.C., U.S. troops disperse the last of the “Bonus Army” of World War I veterans.
1936 – RCA shows 1st real TV program (dancing, film on locomotives, Bonwit Teller show & monologue from Tobacco Road & comedy).
1938 – Comic strip “Dennis the Menace,” first appears.
1950 – Pee Wee Reese, hits the 3,000th Dodger home run.
1957 – Jack Paar’s Tonight show premieres.
1968 – Mariner 6 begins transmitting far-encounter photos of Mars.
1974 – Episcopal Church ordained female priests.
1985 – 19th Space Shuttle Mission (51-F)-Challenger 8-launched.
1986 – NY jury rules NFL violated antitrust laws, awards USFL $1 in damages.
1988 – FDIC bails out 1st Republic Bank, Dallas, with $4 billion.
1989 – Phillies retire Steve Carlton’s #32.
1995 – Monica Seles beats Martina Navratilova in her return to tennis.
1995 – Carolina Panthers beat Jacksonville in their 1st NFL exhibition game 20-14.
2015 – Microsoft launches Windows 10.
2015 – Zion Harvey became the first pediatric patient to receive a double hand transplant at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.