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1852 – Uncle Sam cartoon figure made its debut in the New York Lantern weekly.

1884 – US adopts Standard Time.

1913 – Kansas legislature approved censorship of motion pictures.

1925 – Tennessee makes it unlawful to teach evolution.

1933 – American banks allowed to reopen after a government imposed bank holiday.

1938 – World News Roundup is broadcast for the first time on CBS Radio in the United States.

1947 – 19th Academy Awards: “Best Years of our Lives”, de Havilland, March win.

1950 – General Motors Corporation reports record net earnings of $656,434,232.

1955 – LPGA Titleholders Championship Women’s Golf, Augusta CC: Patty Berg wins her 6th Titleholders title by 2 strokes from Mary Lane Faulk.

1960 – NFL’s Chicago Cardinals moves to St. Louis.

1961 – JFK sets up the Alliance for Progress.

1969 – Apollo 9 returns to earth.

1971 – 18th ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament: South Carolina beats North Carolina, 52-51.

1980 – Ford Motor Co. found innocent of death of 3 women in a fiery Pinto.

1986 – 12th People’s Awards: Sylvester Stallone & Meryl Streep win (Motion Picture) and Bill Cosby, Linda Evans win (TV).

1991 – Exxon pays $1 billion dollars in fines & cleanup of the Valdez oil spill.

2005 – 52nd ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament: #3 Duke beats Georgia Tech, 69-64.

2005 – Bob Igor is named CEO of Walt Disney International succeeding Michael Eisner.

2012 – Encyclopaedia Britannica announces that it will no longer publish versions of its encyclopaedia.

2019 – US grounds all Boeing 737 Max aircraft after bans by other countries following the plane type’s second crash in Ethiopia.

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