• 12:10 am Three Bladen Softball Teams In State Tournaments This Weekend
  • 11:55 pm Bladen pre-kindergarten application days scheduled July 22-24
  • 11:37 pm Municipal races taking shaping as filing deadline is noon Friday
  • 10:31 pm July 18 Vineyard Golf Thundering Herd Results
  • 10:27 pm This Day in History for July 19
This Day In History
1831 – 1st US bank robbery, the City Bank in New York robbed of $245,000.


1865 – Battle of Bentonville, Confederates retreat from Greenville, North Carolina.


1883 – Jan Matzeliger invents first machine to manufacture entire shoes.


1895 – Los Angeles Railway established to provide streetcar service.


1918 – US Congress authorizes time zones & approves daylight saving time.


1931 – Nevada legalizes gambling.


1942 – FDR orders men between 45 & 64 to register for non-military duty.


1949 – 1st museum devoted exclusively to atomic energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


1953 – Tennessee Williams’ “Camino Real” premieres in NYC.


1954 – 1st color telecast of a prize fight, Giardello vs Troy in Madison Square Garden, NYC.


1957 – Cleveland Indians reject Boston’s offer of $1 million for pitcher Herb Score.


1965 – The wreck of the SS Georgiana, valued at over $50,000,000, said to have been most powerful Confederate cruiser, discovered by then teenage diver and pioneer underwater archaeologist E. Lee Spence exactly 102 years after its destruction.


1973 – John Dean reportedly tells President Richard Nixon, “There is a cancer growing on the Presidency”


1982 – National Guard jet tanker crashes killing 27.


1985 – US Senate votes 55-45 to authorize production of the MX “Peacekeeper” intercontinental ballistic missile.


1987 – American televangelist Jim Bakker resigns amid rape accusation by his secretary, Jessica Hahn.


1993 – US Supreme Court Justice Byron R. White announced plans to retire.


1995 – Bonnie Blair skates female world record point total (156.450)


1997 – US Supreme Court hears Internet indecency arguments.


2012 – Wendy’s overtakes Burger King to become the second best-selling hamburger chain.


2018 – Mississippi signs into law the US’s strictest abortion laws, no termination after 15 weeks.