• 7:22 am Thoughts While Shaving for July 23
  • 12:35 am State’s unemployement rate remains at 4.1%
  • 12:22 am Bladen County to receive hurricane recovery funds
  • 12:15 am This Day in History for July 23
  • 3:30 pm Bladen County Sheriff’s office receives recognition for participation in Operation Medicine Drop Take Back Event
This Day In History
1844 – The original date predicted by William Miller of Massachusetts for the return of Christ and the end of the world.
1865 – Battle of Bentonville (NC) ends, last Confederate effort to stop Sherman.
1907 – US sends troops to Honduras to halt the Nicaraguan army takeover.
1917 – Loretta Walsh becomes US Navy’s 1st female Petty Officer.
1924 – Massachusetts Investor Trust becomes 1st mutual fund set up in US.
1944 – General Eisenhower postpones invasion of the south of France until after Normandy.
1947 – US President Harry Truman signs Executive Order 9835 requiring all federal employees to have allegiance to the United States.
1951 – 2,900,000 US soldiers in Korea.
1952 – 22 tornadoes in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama and Kentucky cause 343 deaths.
1955 – Brooklyn Bulletin ask Dodger fans not to call their team “Bums”
1957 – Tennessee Williams’ “Orpheus Descending” premieres in NYC.
1962 – Yogi the Bear becomes the 1st creature to be ejected at supersonic speeds by the US military testing ejection seat.
1963 – Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay is closed.
1965 – Martin Luther King Jr. begins march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.
1972 – US Supreme Court rules states can’t require 1-year residency to vote.
1983 – Only known typo on Time Magazine cover (control=control), all recalled.
1991 – 27 lost at sea when 3 US Navy anti-submarine planes collide.
1995 – NYC agrees to sell its 2 owned radio stations (WNYC AM & FM)
2018 – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg admits they “made mistakes” after data on 40 million users is harvested by Cambridge Analytical.
2018 – Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt kills himself in chase with police in Austin, Texas.