• 4:11 pm Bladen County: Thursday there is a concert and Friday there is a movie night
  • 1:58 pm Wanted: Lonnie Williams, Second suspect in child abduction
  • 1:41 pm Bladen County Schools and Smithfield Foods Unveils Bladen County Reed and Feed unit
  • 1:24 pm Bladen County School Board is asked to have a vote on silent graduations
  • 12:08 pm Successful blood drive leads to another
This Day In History

1775 – Patrick Henry proclaims “Give me liberty or give me death” in speech in favor of Virginian troops joining US Revolutionary War.

1839 – 1st recorded use of “OK” {oll correct} (Boston’s Morning Post)

1857 – Elisha Otis installs his 1st elevator at 488 Broadway in New York City.

1865 – General Sherman and Cox’s troops reach Goldsboro, North Carolina.

1896 – The Raines Law is passed by the New York State Legislature, restricting Sunday sale of alcohol to hotels.

1917 – Tornadoes kills 211 over 4 days in Midwest US.

1929 – 1st telephone installed at the President’s desk under the Hoover administration at the White House.

1945 – Battle of Okinawa: US Navy ships bomb the Japanese Island of Okinawa in preparation for the Allied invasion; it would become the largest battle of the Pacific War in World War II.

1945 – The Swallow Sidecar Company headed by William Lyons agrees to change its name to Jaquar.

1950 – UN World Meteorological Organization established.

1962 – Wake Forest coach “Bones” McKinney becomes 2nd person to play and coach.

1965 –¬† Gemini 3 launched, 1st US 2-man space flight (Grissom & Young)

1972 – Evel Knievel breaks 93 bones after successfully clearing 35 cars.

1973 – After a 5 1/2 year run soap “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” ends.

1981 – US Supreme Court upholds law making statutory rape a crime only for men.

1983 – US President Ronald Reagan introduces Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”)

1990 – Former Exxon Valdez Captain Joseph Hazelwood ordered to help clean up Prince William Sound & pay $50,000 in restitution for 1989 oil spill.

2005 – A major explosion at the Texas City refinery kills 15 workers.

2006 – The Federal Reserve discontinues publishing M3 money supply.

2013 – The US Senate approves its first budget in four years by a margin of 50-49.