• 11:35 am Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations
  • 4:18 pm Thunderstorm Warning Issued for Bladen County
  • 3:05 pm Governor Cooper Requests SBA Assistance Following Durham Explosion
  • 3:04 pm Tornado Warning for Bladen County lifted
  • 2:30 pm Updated Tornado Warning issued for Bladen County
  • 1:46 pm Tornado Watch issued for Bladen County
This Day In History

This Day In History1796—Bethel African Methodist Church of Philadelphia is 1st Us-African church.

1834—Senate censured President Jackson for taking federal deposits from Bank of US.
1845—Mexico drops diplomatic relations with US.
1866—1st ambulance goes into service.
1881—“Greatest Show on Earth” was formed by PT Barnum & James A. Bailey.
1885—US Salvation Army officially organized.
1922—1st microfilm device introduced.
1942—4th NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: Stanford beats Dartmouth 53-38.
1948—2nd Tony Awards: Mister Roberts win.
1954—Louise Suggs wins LPGA Betsy Rawls Golf Open.
1963—AFL’s NY Titans become the NY Jets.
1972—Wilt Chamberlain plays his last pro basketball game.
1982—12th Easter Seal Telethon raises $19,500,000.
1990—President Bush awards Jesse Owen the Congressional Gold Medal.
1995—Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovette split-up.
2013—Pope Francis becomes the first Pope to wash the feet of woman in the Maundy Thursday service.
2014—2 cases of Ebola are reported in Liberia among people who have traveled to Guinea.