• 11:35 am Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations
  • 2:06 am JV Girls Basketball: Fairmont 35, West Bladen 13
  • 1:54 am JV Boys Basketball: Fairmont 57, West Bladen 26
  • 1:40 am JV Girls Basketball: East Bladen 34, Whiteville 12
  • 1:29 am Boys Basketball: Fairmont 78, West Bladen 51
  • 12:59 am Girls Basketball: West Bladen 47, Fairmont 20
This Day In History

This Day In History1310—Shoes were made for both right & left feet.
1734—1st Jockey Club forms in South Carolina.
1830—1st railroad timetable published in newspaper (Baltimore American)
1861—North Carolina becomes 11th & last state to secede from Union.
1868—Republican National Convention, meets in Chicago, nominates Grant.
1873—Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patent first blue jeans with copper rivets.
1892—George Sampson patents clothes dryer.
1902—US military occupation of Cuba (since Jan 1, 1899) ends.
1916—Saturday Evening Post cover features Norman Rockwell painting.
1926—Thomas Edison says Americans prefer silent movies over talkies.
1932—Amelia Earhart leaves Newfoundland 1st woman fly solo across Atlantic.
1939—“3 Little Fishes” by Kay Kyser swam to #1.
1950—76th Preakness: Eddie Arcaro aboard Hill Prince wins in 1:59:2.
1959—Ford wins battle with Chrysler to call its new car “Falcon.”
1969—100,000 march in NY supporting US policies in Vietnam.
1979—1st western pop star to tour USSR-Elton John.
1986—Flintstones 25th Anniversary Celebration airs on CBS-TV.
1991—Chicago Bull Michael Jordan, named NBA’s MVP.
1995—CBS fires co-anchor Connie Chung.
2013—Yahoo purchases Tumbler for $1.1 Billion.