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This Day in History – May 26

This Day In History1647 – Alse Young becomes the first person executed as a witch in the American colonies, when she is hanged in Hartford, Connecticut.

1781 – Bank of North America incorporates in Philadelphia.

1805 – Lewis & Clark first sight the Rocky Mountains.

1861 – US Postmaster General Blair announces end of postal connection with South.

1868 – President Andrew Johnson avoids impeachment by 1 vote.

1887 – Racetrack betting becomes legal in NY state.

1924 – US President Calvin Coolidge signs Immigration law restricting immigration.

1930 – Supreme Court rules buying liquor does not violate the Constitution.

1937 – San Francisco Bay’s Golden Gate Bridge opens.

1946 – Patent filed in US for H-Bomb.

1972 – US President Richard Nixon & Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev sign SALT accord.

1978 – 1st legal gambling casino opens in Atlantic City.

1984 – US President Ronald Reagan rules out US military intervention in Iran-Iraq war.

1987 – US Supreme Court ruled dangerous defendants could be held without bail.

1993 – Long fly ball by Indians’ Carlos Martinez bounces off Jose Canseco’s head & goes over the                   fence for a home run.

1998 – Date for Paul Jones sex harassment trial vs President Clinton.

2004 – The New York Times publishes an admission of journalistic failings, claiming that its flawed              reporting and lack of skepticism towards sources during the buildup to the 2003 war in Iraq              helped promote the belief that Iraq possessed large stockpiles of weapons of mass                                  destruction.

2004 – United States Army veteran Terry Nichols is found guilty of 161 state murder charges for                    helping carry out the Oklahoma City bombing.

2014 – World Health Organization confirms that Ebola has reached Sierra Leone.

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