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This Day In History

This Day In History

1716 – 1st lighthouse in American colonies lit (Boston Harbor)

1814 – Francis Scott Key pens the poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry”, later known as “The Star Spangled Banner” while witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry from a ship in Baltimore harbor.

1847 – US Marines under General Scott enter Mexico City (halls of Montezuma)

1848 – Alexander  Stewart opens 1st US department store.

1872 – Britain pays US$15-1/2M for damages during Civil War.

1886 – George K Anderson of Memphis, Tennessee, patents typewriter ribbon.

1901 – Theodore Roosevelt is sworn in as the youngest man to serve as US President, after William McKinley finally dies after an anarchist shoots him in Buffalo.

1916 – Christy Mathewson pitches & wins his final game.

1933 – 2 billion board feet of lumber destroyed in Tillamook, Oregon fire.

1937 – President Franklin D. Roosevelt bans US ships form trading arms with China or Japan.

1939 – World’s 1st practical helicopter, the VS-300 designed by Igor Sikorsky takes (tethered) flight in Stratford, Connecticut.

1948 – Gerald Ford upsets Rep Bartel J Jonkman in Michigan 5th District Republican primary.

1954 – Hurricane Edna (2nd of 1954) hits NYC, $50 million damage.

1963 – Mary Ann Fischer of Aberdeen, South Dakota, gives birth to America’s 1st surviving quintuplets, 4 girls & a boy.

1975 – Robin Yount breaks Mel Ott’s record, playing in 242 games as a teen.

1983 – US House of Representatives votes, 416-0, in favor of a resolution condemning Russia for shooting down a Korean jetliner.

1998 – Telecommunications companies MCI Communications and WorldCom complete their $37 billion merger to form MCI WorldCom.

2001- Historic National Prayer Service held at Washington National Cathedral for victims of the September 11 attacks.  A similar service is held in Canada on Parliament Hill, the largest vigil ever held in the nation’s capital.

2011 – Elizabeth Warren announces she intends to run for the Democratic nomination for the 2012 Massachusetts Senatorial election.

2015 – 14 year old Texan Ahmed Mohamed arrested at school when home-made clock assumed to be a bomb – Mark Zuckerberg and US President Barak Obama send supportive tweets.