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Thought While Shaving

Some leftovers from Tuesday’s election…..

The local Board of Elections must certify the election…That occurs Tuesday, November 10. If the contest between Lawrence McDougald and Jimmy Hudson for a seat on Clarkton Town Board is still deadlocked, my guess is the State Board will provide guidance on a way to break the tie…..Both received 25 votes on election day. You have heard about “drawing the short end of the straw” or “flipping a coin.” to decide the winner. Could happen….My guess is, one thing is for sure, there will not be another election.

The Tar Heel Town Board will consist of two (2) write-ins. There were several votes cast in that category. Another issue the local Board of Elections will deal with.

Facing South, a publication of The Institute for Southern Studies recently published another article related to the death of Lennon Lacy, a 17-year old Bladenboro youth who was found hanging on a swing set in a mobile home park about a year ago. The headline, “New developments in possible lynching case out of North Carolina” offered very little, if anything, new. More of a re-hash of events already known. Everyone waiting for FBI report. The case is now about 15 months old.

One of the “hot” topics around the county is Bladen County’s education system….consolidation and business folks concerned about their attempts to hire and require them to move to Bladen, particularily if they have school age children…

This is my 3rd effort on “Thoughts” this AM….First two disappeared….most likely ‘operator error.’

Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

Every path has a few puddles.

When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.

robert g hester

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