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Thoughts While Shaving

‘This n that’

North Carolina residents continue to be ‘hoodwinked’ by our honorable
lawmakers in Raleigh…Our gasoline tax money that is suppose to be
used for better roads and our lottery money that was designated (a
large portion of it) for education at the local level, continue to be
diverted to the general fund so taxes can be cut.  Not an R&D
thing….Didn’t just begin…been going on for years…I know the
bodies of the General Assembly change but the promises on those two
items should never change….Promises made, promises broken…Who can
we trust?

Midway’s baseball team (22-2) ends Fairmont’s (23-5) season and will
play South Granville (21-2) next.  Difficult to remember Midway is in
the same conference as East and West Bladen.  Midway is no ‘flash’ in
the pan.  They continue to win and have over the years.

Beautiful weather is forecast over the next week or so…Lots of us
taking to the highways…Drive with care….no ‘texting’ and no
‘DWI’s’ please…If you do, hope you spend Memorial Day in
jail….Know it will not happen…but OK by me…

No mention of rain…

See where 4 Clinton residents have pocketed $173,126 after winning a
‘cool’ million in Power Ball.  For every winner, there are thousands
of losers lined up to purchase more tickets…

Dr. Robert Summerlin died yesterday after an extended illness.  He
provided a valuable service in Dublin and the area for many years.  We
need more like him.

Quality rather than quantity determines your success.

Rather than trying to find the right person, try being the right person.

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.

robert g hester