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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While ShavingIt’s Sunday…a look back and much of our news over the past week was centered around the release of Joseph Sledge, convicted nearly 30 years ago for a double murder in Bladen County, now released due to no evidence that linked him to the scene…
And BladenOnlines’ format changes to keep up with the times….Some like…some do not…some haven’t decided…some are willing to give the benefit of doubt…but to keep up with changing times, some changes were necessary….We are getting there..and remember, our subscription cost remains the same….NO CHARGE…best deal in Bladen…Gas prices drop, grocery prices rise…BladenOnline remains FREE.
A look ahead….new Tax Values are expected to be mailed this week…That normally cause some “heartburn”.  Can hear now….”Why the change??”…Cause it is the North Carolina law….trust me, Bladen County officials do not like it anymore than you do…and we, as taxpayers pay for it…repeat….It’s the law….
Values change…The purpose of revaluation is to “level the field” in values based on sales of comparable property….After all values have been determined, commissioners will divide the cost of doing business (budget) into the total value of all property in the county to determine a tax rate to be applied and we receive a tax bill in July or August based on the new values…..
The purpose of revaluation is not to set a tax rate, but to make sure values in one part of the county are fair..not necessarily the same because property in one area of the county is more expensive than in another…It is suppose to all be based on sales of property of comparable value…
Will it be perfect?  NO..but there is an appeal process…but if you go and say, “My values are to high” you will not likely receive relief….better have the proof..that your property values are higher than other property determined to have a comparable value…
I repeat….It is not easy for anyone…property owners, the tax folks, the commissioners….It is suppose to be fair for all..and It is the NC Law…
Have been told the new values will be mailed this week….May need some Tums or Rolaids…On the other hand, owners of property that see a drop in values will be deathly quiet…That’s the way we humans are….
Thought about some quotes about taxes in general, not just on property tax…
“Trying to do your own taxes is like doing a do-it-yourself mugging.”
A fine is a tax for doing wrong.  A tax is a fine for doing right..
America is a land of untold wealth.  Most of it is untold on the tax form.
It’s a privilege to be able to pay taxes.  And if taxes keep rising, I may be forced to give up the privilege.
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