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Thoughts While Shaving

The Battle of Elizabethtown organizers deserve much credit.
I was expecting more rain over the past few days….at the Hester household about 1/2 inch, however that included 3 or 4 bugs….Rainfall totals  vary greatly…and even with the bugs, we received about all we needed….And we are thankful for every drop………
Saturday was a busy day….in the area and on TV…..Battle of Elizabethtown re-enactment, Football, Golf, NASCAR, the Pope’s visit, to mention a few.
I wish I were more like the Pope……doesn’t mean I follow his line of thinking on every issue, but he is an impressive human being…so far as I am concerned….preaching and teaching to all, from those with little to those more richly blessed…..
Would be nice to work with people as honest and fair as the Pope as we walk our daily paths….For far to many, it is not about what is best…It is about one individual or one group…..Those hopeful of becoming more powerful…and our list will vary depending on our place in life and those we come in contact with on a regular basis…
Thanks to all for your continued support of BladenOnline.  Much work goes into the effort on a daily basis….A little like a dairy, or a restaurant that is open 7 days a week…There is little time to sit and do nothing….Always, always something more to do…Hope you enjoy.  The Best Is Yet To Come.   And, we receive our weekly numbers today from Google Analytics…..Anything over 100,000 visits is a great week….We want you to know how we are doing and we provide the proof…We say what we do and do what we say…
We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.   Sir Winston Churchill
Enjoy your life without comparing it to others.  Condobcet
If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.   Mark Twain
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