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Thoughts While Shaving

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Thoughts While ShavingMy dreams last night included some time dealing with winning the lottery, celebrating the birthday of both grandchildren and life in general…

Dreams….I hope the young lady that won the lottery in Brunswick County has some help in making sure she has $’s that will last her lifetime and beyond…The winning was “pure” luck…Taking care of the “$’s” requires more….Sometimes I think winning may not be good…so much of an adjustment and so many concerns, but think I would be willing to take a chance…I pray she surrounds herself with professionals that have her and her family as there primary interest.  No easy task…
Remember hearing about others who win and have all kinds of problems…
My grandchildren….They are growing older…soon to be 25 and 21..(next week)…both good youngsters….Let me tell you about them….Grandson is 25, graduate of NC State and employed by computer company in the Research Triangle Park…Granddaughter is 21, a UNC Junior and hopeful of entering dental school…All the parents and grandparents are so proud of both…Their age indicates that all grandparents are eligible for Social Security……have been for several years…Parents have done a good job….
Forgot the other most recent dreams….At my age, make a list mentally…and with nothing written down, forget…move on….remember later today…maybe….If you are former classmates or close friends you understand..and if not….hopefully, your day will come…
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow…if you want to make some points with your partner, best you “mark” the occasion….
And remember the special BBQ plate lunch fundraiser at Clarkton School of Discovery for Marvin and Marsha Burney.  Marvin’s body appears to be rejecting a “3rd” kidney…He is back on dialysis. They are blessed with friends and family who want to help with added expenses…I am so proud of the fact that I live in an area where friends and family make a difference by supporting neighbors in time of need…..Serving time tomorrow (Sat)  is 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.…make a contribution….
People are funny. They want to the front of the bus, middle of the road and back of the church.
People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. (J.F. Newton)
Patience is how you act while you’re waiting.  (Joyce Meyer)
robert g hester