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Thoughts While Shaving

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Thoughts While ShavingWe are looking for temps to rise above 30 degrees today…in fact, our high today should be near 52 and in the low 60’s Sunday…..February weather has been a “challenge.”

For the school system, much lost time …3 days with 2 hour delays and a day off due to snow…The snow date must be ‘made up’ and it will be on April 3….Good Friday.
Normally think about outdoor sports being disrupted by the weather…but the basketball play-offs were cancelled due to the inclement weather.  Playoff pairings will be announced, hopefully today….John Clark says East Bladen girls and West Bladen boys will be number one seeds, both were regular season champs….EB girls are undefeated in regular season play at 24-0.  West Bladen boys are 20-4.  John says West Bladen girls (12-12) will be a number 3 seed and the East Bladen boys (10-13) will need a wild card bid to continue play…We will hopefully know more later today…BladenOnline is your top seed for coverage…
Again, thanks for your continued support…The BladenOnline part-timers are going above and beyond to cover the news, sports and more….Most of the meetings we cover, we are the only media attending…we listen to the debate and report the action…first hand coverage….
Will be interesting to observe the reval hearings….If you are interested in appealing your values, need to call the number on your reval notice.  If past history is any indication, there will be lots of action….Those who have higher values will let you know….Those who have lower values are quiet….we will be have our eyes and ears open…as we move forward..
A reminder of the Wesley’s Chapel Charity Ball Reunion beginning at 6:30 p.m. today.  Tickets for the dinner theater are $10, proceeds go to the Wesley’s Chapel youth.  Tickets are available at the Corner Cafe, from Chris Adams (910-818-3894) or from Denise Bridgers (910-862-5979).  Former pastor Eckie Lancaster will led the Sunday morning worship service and a covered dish lunch will follow in the fellowship hall…Check the Facebook page at “Wesley’s Chapel Charity Ball Reunion” 
I went to a class reunion and some of my buddies have gotten so old that they couldn’t even recognize me.
To prosper in life we must have old friends to help us grow old and young friends to help us stay young.
If you can walk out in a fresh snowstorm and not have the desire to make a snowball, you’re getting old.
There is absolutely no cure for either birth or death, but we should try to enjoy the interval in between.
robert g hester