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Thoughts While Shaving

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Thoughts While ShavingWhat a difference a day makes….just 24 little hours….weather-wise seemed like we went from one season to another….Weather man calling for warmer weather today and a promise of more winter for much of next week.

All 4 of our high school varsity basketball teams will advance in statewide competition…If it feels like we missed one level of play you are right….Conference play was cancelled…bad weather forced the cancellation….The state play-offs will continue on schedule…
We were anxious to know if East Bladen boys basketball team would secure a playoff spot…and they did against their county rival West Bladen…and we waited and waited and waited for the girls pairings to be released and they finally came….East girls and West boys were never in doubt….West girls was never really in doubt but they are going about as far from home as you can go to the northeast….to Currituck…..Go northeast til you can see the Virginia line…and look for the school…
Get the details….who, where, and when in our sports section.
Wesley’s Chapel youth from days gone by, their families and friends turn out in large numbers last night for a reunion…and it was good..thanks to the hard work of many and lead by Chris Adams.
In NASCAR, the Busch brothers had a tough day…Kurt was suspended for assaulting a female friend and Kyle was seriously injured in a wreck….
The big race in Daytona to kick off the season is today.
I’m glad NASCAR didn’t write the Bible.  If it had, there would be six commandments and four suggestions.—Bud Moore, former car owner.
When I make a mistake, they don’t penalize me 15 yards, they take me away in an ambulance.  Richard Petty
I drive way to fast to worry about smoking. 
It will be a national holiday at ESPN.  Dan Patrick, on what would happen if Dick Trickle ever won the Winston Cup.
robert g hester