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Thoughts While Shaving

By: Robert G. Hester
It has been a busy weekend for the part-timers….Hither, thither and yon.
Congratulations to the East Bladen girls basketball team…and condolences to the West Bladen lady Knights….So now, the West Bladen Boys and the East Bladen girls continue in the state playoffs…John Clark has all the details on our sports section…
Thought about going out for the evening meal Friday….Elizabethtown is blessed with good restaurants…a far cry from the days when it was Melvin’s and not much more and very, very little after dark…Not the story now….And best I could tell, everyone had the same idea…a huge crowd at just about every place that serves food…Good problem to have…Come early or wait….For us with no patience…just keep driving and looking…
There were numerous Friday and Saturday “do good” efforts by volunteers and they to apparently had successful outings….We complain about just about everything including a shortage of money, but when the time comes, our volunteers are supported…and they should be…
It’s March, but so far as the weather is concern, not much change but better days are just ahead…I am an eternal optimist…
When I look back at the past week or so….the BladenOnline part-timers have been busy and have done a good job of covering various activities…gotta be there if it’s news… 
It’s church day….time to lay aside our chores and attend…then ‘race’ home for a busy sports day….and stay dry and warm….
A computer is almost human–except does not blame its mistakes on another computer.
A diet is a selection of food that makes other people lose weight.
A father is someone that carries pictures where his money used to be.
After hearing two eyewitnesses accounts of the same accident, you begin to wonder about history.
After the government takes enough to balance the budget, the taxpayer has the job of budgeting the balance.
robert g hester
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