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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While ShavingIt’s Sunday, see you in church this AM, Sunday School and Worship.  In one of the old folks class at Wesley’s Chapel UMC, the lesson is about Jeremiah.

Hard to believe has been providing coverage of Bladen County news for all, FREE, for nearly 9 1/2 years.  First edition was February 1, 2008.  Every day, it’s just a little better, thanks to all who work hard to make it happen. I check it several times daily, News, Sports, Regionals, Events, Obits & all the other sections, and if you missed an article, check the Archive section. Our pledge to you, The Best Is Yet To Come.

A reminder of the Annual Meeting of the Bladen County Committee of 100.  Will be held Wednesday, July 19 at Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery with registration at 6:30 PM and dinner to follow.  Cost to join is $100 for an individual, $200 for businesses, and that includes the meal.  If you want to bring a guest, for $15 more dollars they are welcomed.  Call 645-2417, they need to know how many to prepare for.  The BC Committee of 100 has been helpful in the overall Economic Development effort for many years.

For those who have all the questions/answers for everything, but seldom participate, this is a worthy effort, hope to see your there.  Been ongoing since the early to mid ’90s that I am aware of.  The speaker will be Chris Lloyd with McGuire Woods Consulting.  Newcomers welcomed.

Has it been hot or not?  Hopefully, less so today.  Growing older has some advantages, get to stay in side and think about the past when it was up-and-at-it regardless of the temps.

West Bladen’s Sayaun Dent has been added to the East roster for the All-Star basketball game being played in Greensboro Mondaynight.  Congratulations

Thanks to Desmond Bryant, Cleveland Browns defensive lineman, for giving back to the community/county yesterday at East Bladen.

Enthusiasm can be like a fire that needs an occasional poke with a stick.

You may have grown old, but you may not have grown up.

If I never had a bad day, how would I know whether I was having a good day?

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