Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While Shaving

Late night NFL score: Seahawks 24 – Eagles 10.

Janice Johnson, my deceased walking ‘buddy’ must have been happy, observing her funeral service yesterday, her granddaughter played on her musical instrument, loving thoughts of her and Dennis (her deceased husband), lots of laughter, and some tears.  Salt of the earth type folks, respected by all.  What they told you, you could believe.

From time to time, I enjoy reflecting on days-gone-by.

As a youngster, enjoyed setting trot-lines in June Singletary millpond, with some of my buddies.

Playing baseball on a Sunday afternoon in the cow pasture with only 4 or 5 on each team.  Sometimes no one with a glove, using a hand-made ball, made from tobacco twine, sharing the space with a few cows.  A hit was fun, catching a fly ball bare-handed produced an out and sometimes a ‘red spot’, but stepping without looking could be a stinkin’ mess.

Fox hunting, at night, was  a popular sport…listening to the dogs chase a wild animal, while standing around a huge fire in the middle of the woods, spinning yarns.

I never learned to milk a cow, discovered early some things you do not need to know, just creates another chore, and a cow with a tail full of cockleburs could be a painful experience if landed around the head while cow was twitching her tail, chasing away ‘flying things’.

Looked forward to Christmas time, Santa sometimes brought a homemade shirt or a homemade baseball, from leftover twine used for ‘stringing’ tobacco at harvest time.

And, mom expected the yard to be ‘swept’ at times, despite no grass.  Just needed to be cleaned up, according to her.  Many times that order came after some misbehavior on my part.

BladenOnline, my favorite local news source, had another HUGE week.

Nov 26-Dec 2
Page views: 140,397
Visits: 23,917

A year ago
Page views: 99,200
Visits: 18,857

5,041:  Bladenboro Christmas Parade
3,157:  Elizabethtown Christmas Parade

4,503: Home robbery in Abbottsburg
3,905: Tar Heel Road closed due to crash, fire; one fatality reported
3,895: Speed factor in fatal Tar Heel Road crash
2,293: Fire on Ruskin Road

The most accurate news first. The biggest ‘bang’ for your advertising dollar, and The Best Is Yet To Come.

Church signs observed:

Need A Lifeguard?  Ours Walks on Water.

Need home improvements?  Bring your family to church.

Too Cold to Change Sign!  Message Inside.

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