Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While Shaving

Did not sleep well last night planning how I was going to spend my lottery winnings. Occasionally I will purchase a lottery ticket, not a common occurrence, just when I feel lucky…Spent $3, promised myself if I won I would help all the needy in the county, pay for ongoing renovations at my home church and share with my family. Spent a portion of last night deciding how I would divvy it all up. Should have shared the $3. Nothing close, urge is over for a while regardless of the jackpot. Come to think of it, have no idea what it was last night, just know I will not share. I did share my $3 to make education better in NC. That’s my confession.

Remember John Tomlin? Many years ago he was the first newsperson at WBLA radio station in Elizabethtown, NC. As he describes in his profile, he was a jack-of-all-trades at the radio station. I would describe him like a bull in a china shop. He loved controversy and could stir it up quickly with his reporting, (clear, concise, factual) primarily on local politics. We had offers to pay his way out of town if we would fire him. Never considered the offers and he did not mind upsetting some apple-carts. He never slowed in his efforts to secure the local news. The NC State grad from Concord, NC left WBLA to work on his masters degree in Broadcast Journalism at Boston U. He is currently the producer of ThisOldHouse series. Prior to that he was the same with Current Affairs and Inside Edition. Before he departed the Bladen County scene, he and I secured a construction permit to build a radio station in Moore County. We sold it for what we had invested, which was primarily postage for the application.

Google John Tomlin, interesting reading. He has worked 32 years as an independent TV producer primarily in the New York market while maintaining his residence in the Boston area.

Several year ago, I attempted to ‘touch base’ with him. Can’t remember if by phone or email, whichever, the response for all was ‘I am on vacation’ someplace, South America, I think. ‘Don’t bother me, contact later’. It was for anyone who was attempting to get in touch with him. Sound just like the John Tomlin I knew.

Good guy, smart, blunt, successful, now you can probably add wealthy. And, his highly successful broadcasting career began at WBLA. (Wonderful Bladen Lakes Area)

Successful people jump at opportunity and take advantage of it.

When you’re around enormously successful people you realize their success isn’t an accident – it’s about work. Ryan Tedder

Successful people breed success. Phil Crosby