Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While Shaving
Read and heard a great deal about the actions of the Democrats in response to President Trump’s State of the Union address.  Like, they had cement in the seat of their pants.  And I to agree it’s rude, but for some who have observed over the years…..sadly, nothing new.  The opposing political leaders of the current President, whoever he is, has received the same type reception for about as long as I can recall.  Wish it were not true, but with so much TV coverage, not good, especially for our younger, future leaders.  Would be nice if the office of the President was respected more, but sadly, the disrespect did not just begin Tuesday night.
Suggest you check Factcheck.org; Snopes.com; POLITICO Playbook and other such websites for more info related to facts/statements by our leaders.  Sometimes, facts and fiction are difficult to separate, and again, that did not just begin, but best I can determine, not getting better.  And, if you depend on either of the major political parties or their supporters for the facts, may need a neutral source (if there is such a thing), or at least another source.
Good to know our Republican members of Congress were not injured in the train wreck yesterday in West Virginia.  One person was killed in the accident, but not a member of Congress or a staffer.  Could have been worse.  If you haven’t heard, a train carrying Republican members of Congress to a retreat in the state hit a truck.  An occupant of the truck was killed.
I am glad I live in Bladen County where most care about their neighbors and friends.  There are a handful of fundraisers scheduled for some in the area who have an extra burden to bear.  Do not have dates, or contact folks…but one is scheduled in coming days for the family of Jackie Singletary in the Tar Heel area, Bladenboro folks have one on their upcoming agenda to assist a couple of their area residents who are in need and a RobbyStrong fundraiser is being planned in support of Robby Priest, East Bladen teacher/coach who has some medical issues.  May be more, all worthy of support.
Speaking of fundraisers, it’s time for the annual Elizabethtown Dixie Youth fundraiser, a steak dinner for 2, and an opportunity to participate in a reverse raffle for $50 per couple, or purchase a steak plate for $12.50.  It’s Friday (tomorrow) at Elizabethtown Primary School.  Serving begins early, about 5 PM if my memory is correct.
Lots of sickness in the area.  If you are suffering and have elevated temp, may be best to stay home and recover.
One more reminder, BladenOnline begins year 11 today.  Thanks for your continued support.
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