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Thoughts While Shaving

Go Duke….and they did…congratulations….
I hear the comments…one and done, rent a player….The rules are the rules….the NCAA rules…
The Blue Monday Shad Fry is another great example of community pride….Current residents of the East Arcadia area carrying on a community tradition…..
Our latest numbers, that we share weekly, continue strong.  The numbers, courtesy of Google Analytics, are presented weekly because we think you should know…That report will be published today or tomorrow….
Beginning to hear negative comments about the $’s being spent for the new interchange (701-87 bypass)…A little late, public meetings were being held two years ago..maybe longer…The cost of the project is $13.2 million….I know,,,,a million here and a million there and pretty soon we are discussing real money…There were time for comments long before the awarding of bids…
Between the cost of much needed bridges over the Cape Fear River at two locations and the interchange, nearly $40 million NCDOT bucks in the Bladen area…A recently approved change in funding projects leaves Bladen and other rural counties on the sidelines in coming years….Multi-millions being spend on a loop around Fayetteville in Division 6….
Sometimes I enjoying just stepping back from the daily-grind…the cares of life and pretend….Look for something light….an old comedy on TV….Andy Griffith, Red Foxx, Lucille Ball..where did they go…but what I did find was a couple of Ray Stevens videos on Utube….The Streak and The Mississippi Squirrel Revival…forgot the cares of the world and enjoyed…
Need a ticket to Bladen We Care Gala set for Friday, April 17 at The Venue at White Lake?…Tickets are $100 per couple and I have a couple remaining….Hors-D’oeuvres, a raffle and music by the Black Water Rhythm & Blues Band…Proceeds benefit the needy of Bladen County who are falling through the cracks in our medical system….Call 876-2322…
Is there a better feeling than to reach into the pocket of a jacket or pair of pants and discover a $20 bill?…The only thing that could feel better would be to discover two $20 bills….
Borrow money from an pessimist, they don’t expect it back.
Don’t be irreplaceable; if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.
Friends may come and go, but enemies tend to accumulate.
robert g hester
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