Thoughts While Shaving
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Thoughts While Shaving

NFL action last night – – Rams 38-Vikings 31.

High School action today and tonight:

Football: East Bladen at West Columbus

Men’s Soccer: West Columbus at East Bladen 3:30 PM

Women’s Tennis: West Columbus at East Bladen 4 PM

West Columbus vs South Robeson activities appear to be scheduled for Monday afternoon and evening.

Rainfall at Curtis Brown Airport:

Yesterday .50 inches

Last night  .20 inches

Cotton, peanut and soybean farmers must be a little concerned about their crop.  My guess, most of the corn in the area was harvested prior to the recent flood.

Thanks to all utility companies for extraordinaire action restoring service.

Did you watch the Congressional hearings yesterday?  So who do you believe?  Most one side or the other, no middle ground, kinda like the U.S. is today.  Either side will run rough-shod over the other, given the opportunity.

John O’Daniel, former Bladenboro Town Administrator named to similar position in Williamston, N.C. Former Elizabethtown Town Manager David Bone is County Manager in Martin County and Williamston is the county seat.

One positive coming out of recent hurricane was, the topics of recent conversation changed, GenX and politics no longer the primary topics.  Recovery has moved to or near the top of the list for many.

People expect you to be doing something cool all the time.  In a normal life, that’s I not happening.  Kaia Gerber

I have a remarkably normal life.  Michael J. Fox

I have a to-to list and I have a farm I care for, and things I like to do for fun – going to movies and all that stuff.  It’s a painfully normal life!  Brad Paisley

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