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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While ShavingThanks to all who offered their services for political office.  Without candidates our system of government would not operate very well….We all have preferences, but I repeat….we need candidates, so thanks to the winners and those who did not win.  And, it you have never ‘cast your hat into the ring’, you have no idea…it is an experience like no other.

Huge high school football game Friday (tomorrow) night.  East Bladen at South Columbus for conference championship.  Regardless of the outcome, both teams will participate in the playoffs…..Go Eagles…

West Bladen concludes their season Friday night when they host Red Springs.

Basketball season is here..

The folks that monitor action on BladenOnline have provided interesting stats related to the recent coverage of the elections.  On Tuesday, our paper had 48,742 page views, the 8th most for a single day in our history.

The full page of election results had 10,435 views….

For comparison, the home page had:

7,042 views on Monday, Nov 5

3,710 views on Sunday, Nov 4

3,964 views on Saturday, Nov 3

6,299 views on Friday, Nov 2

6,473 views on Thursday, Nov 1

6,614 views on Friday, Oct 31

8,441 views on Saturday, Oct 30

There are plenty of places to get election results, but folks know, trust and rely on BladenOnline to deliver accurate information.  The numbers prove it.  Our subscription rates can’t be beat (free), and delivery is on-time.

I remember what a former Elizabethtown businessman told me years ago.  Pardon the English, it ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up….

Add your business to our line-up of satisfied customers….Call 910-879-1029.

3 of fourteen mistakes of life, printed in the “London Standard” shared with the Bartholomew Club by Judge Bentoul, many years ago.

1. To expect to set up our own standard of right and wrong and expect everybody to conform to it.

2. To try to measure the enjoyment of others by our own…

3. To expect uniformity of opinion in this world.

(more later)

robert g hester


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