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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While ShavingThanks for all the ‘birthday’ wishes yesterday, ‘another day older and deeper in debt’…Remember the old Tennessee Ernie Ford tune???

Seems I have attended more funerals this year than ever before…..Sometimes a long walk, alone, is necessary.  Helps to keep all in perspective…..

Remember the country song, “I am among men mostly richly blessed”….. Think it was a Bill Anderson….Jimmy Dean type recitation from years ago….

Sometimes I think of advice I have heard and used…example….”Make friends before you need them”….

Difficult to remember all the ID and Passwords needed to operate in this world…write them down, misplace them….change them and begin anew…..It must be an age thing…

Ever discover you have placed a pen, ink pen, in the pocket of your favorite shirt or coat and it is a disaster?  Makes one feel foolish???

Just thinking out loud…..

NFL tonight….Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks as week 11 of current season begins…

East Bladen host Wilson Beddington in NCHSAA Class 2A football play-offs Friday (tomorrow) at 7:30 PM.

Shriners fish fry was a huge success….understand they sold out a little early….Delicious food prepared by volunteers and proceeds going to assist youngsters and their families in time of need…

I appreciate what BladenOnline does!  Local folks covering local events and providing info to local residents.  Home folks with a strong sense of civic pride doing their ‘thing’…

2nd Annual Pork & Beats Festival Saturday at Cape Fear Farmers Market…begins at 10 AM with entertainment and BBQ…

Pride is pleasure arising from a man’s thinking too highly of himself.  Baruch Spinoza

Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important.  T. S. Elliott

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.  attributed to Theodore Roosevelt

robert g hester


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