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Thoughts While Shaving

Thoughts While Shaving

As we approach Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for…family, good health (if we enjoy good health), good neighbors and friends.  Yet, there is too much bad news….the recent kidnapping of the young girl in Lumberton, concern over guns in the hands of those who do not obey the laws, California fires, we could go on and on…..We all have our concerns….think about President George H.W. Bush ‘kinder, gentler nation” speech, many years ago.

Stock market continues to ‘drop’….

Travel will be treacherous over the next several days, millions of people on the move….drive as if your life depended on it…..

NCDOT has scheduled a time to hear from the public related to the NC 11 & NC 87 intersection in Columbus County.  The drop-in meeting will be held a week from tomorrow (Nov 28) from 4 – 7 PM at Sandyfield Town Hall, locate at 1795 Woodyard Road in Riegelwood.

Maybe a little boring for some, but my mind drifts back to yesteryear around Thanksgiving and Christmas-time….As a youngster, it was  thru the woods to grannies house we would go, and when our boys were younger, they knew it was a time to be together, and with numerous types of trees in our yard back then, it was time to clean the yard, burn the debris, visit with their grannies, enjoy turkey and dressing, play football with neighborhood youngsters, most of the time in our back yard, and maybe watch a little of the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions game on TV, in no special order.

There’s always something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.  Even it it’s just not being a turkey.

What the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?  The turkey trot.

The Thanksgiving holiday brings Americans of all races and religions together…to fight over discounted electronics.

robert g hester