• 5:13 am DYB District 2 AAA (Minors) Supplemental Tournament: Whiteville 4, Elizabethtown 0
  • 5:09 am DYB District 9 AAA (Minors) Tournament: Elizabethtown 26, Fairmont 6
  • 5:04 am DYB District 9 Majors Tournament: Elizabethtown 8, West Robeson National 3
  • 4:48 am This Day in History for June 24
  • 8:48 am Summer Camp for Bladen County children
Thoughts While Shaving
The wranglin’ continues related to North Carolina US House of Representatives, District 9….Confusion reigns…
If I were a federal employee required to work without pay, I would be upset…even more so while politicians who fail to do their job, continue to be paid…Fly back and forth, at our expense.  That should not be……I mean all politicians, regardless of who is right or wrong.  Working employees, and their families should not have to suffer….Can’t reach a solution if neither side is willing to give an inch…Maybe time for big changes in DC, both sides of the aisle..  Resurrect the campaign slogan, “Re-Elect No One”….period….Our collective memories are short…How soon we forget….Pardon me while I step down off the ‘stump’.
Remember Alan Hoover?  He was a DJ many years ago at WBLA, fresh out of Central Carolina School of Broadcasting in Sanford.  Lots of energy, loved rock ‘n roll.  Look him up yesterday, just curious.  He is Program Director/Operations Manager at WZZZ, 107.5 The Rock, Plymouth, Ohio.  When I knew him best, he ‘lived’ to play music as a DJ…Doubt much has changed…Good man.
The Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. parade is scheduled for Monday, January 21.  Participants step off at 11 AM.  The parade route will circle through downtown Elizabethtown, always draws a huge crowd.
Weather for today includes a 20% chance of showers after 4 PM and a high of 47 degrees.  80% chance of showers tonight with low temps in the upper 30s.  Sunday, 90% chance of showers, mainly before noon.  High near 43.  Rainfall totals over the next 48 to 72 hours expected to be near 3/4 to an inch.  Plan accordingly…
Smoky conditions throughout areas of Bladen County yesterday, related to a control burn in the Bladen State Lakes area.
NFL playoff action continues today and tomorrow with teams facing one and done, if a loss…  Today, Colts vs the Chiefs at 4:35 PM and Cowboys vs Rams at 8:15 PM.
And, saw first on Facebook and then for myself, a new baby girl in the neighborhood.  Lily Bess Coates is her name, daughter of Andy and Madison Coates.  Can’t wait to see her playing with dolls, with her new puppy companion, maybe all on a tricycle next door (?).  Will take some time…It’s been an exciting, busy, tiring week for mom, dad…and Lily Bess….and no doubt, 4 proud grandparents…..
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance…
I have a degree in Liberal Arts, do you want fries with that?
Wrinkled was not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up.