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Thoughts While Shaving

Had the pleasure of assisting organizers of the recent annual Dixie Youth fundraiser in Elizabethtown.  Impressed with the number of folks involved, the continuous support level from so many throughout the area and the effort it takes to make it a success.  AND, no doubt it was a huge success….
Reminds me of others throughout the county who are continuously involved for any number of good efforts.
I love Bladen County and the folks who live here…..
How about the weather?  From subfreezing earlier this week to 60s today, under clear skies.  Checking ahead, Highs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the 70 degree range.
Lest we forget, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday being played in Atlanta.  Patriots vs Rams at 6:30 p.m.
Longtime NFL favorite, Julius Peppers retired yesterday after 17 years in the NFL, many years with the Panthers.  The Tar Heel’er could have probably been a huge success in the NBA.  One of the tough ‘good guys’.
My personal historian/advisor, Lewis Smith pointed out a couple of miscues on yesterday’s Thoughts.  In the early days, it was Peter’s & Inman grocery, before it was Inman’s Red & White.  And the place to purchase bait was Melvin’s Shoe Shop-Bait and Tackle, next door to Parker Farris Department Store.  I need all the help I can get.
“Crud” still causing discomfort for many…Hold on, better days are ahead….
The definition of civic-minded is someone who is interested in and cares about what is going on in his/her community.
Concerned with civic interests or active in community affairs.
Do good and good will come to you.
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