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Thoughts While Shaving

Been out of place for a few days, difficult to get started again.  Kinda reminds me of my favorite computer that has aged with me.  The longer I am idle, the longer it takes to get ‘up and running again.’
Much like a former neighbor of our family….he lived about 4 or 5 miles from his work (Bladenboro Cotton Mill).  Worked 1st shift and reported 7 a.m., if my memory is correct.  Walked there and back, 5 days a week for many years, rain, snow, hot weather, cold…He purchased a T model Ford.  After a few weeks of riding, and a few ‘hiccups’ by his auto, combined with his lack of familiarity of operating it, like sometimes it failed to crank, some days he would cranked it by hand, sometimes he could not get it started…Told his neighbors when he was walking he knew how long it would take him to make the trip.  After he purchased the T model he was up an hour earlier to determine if he would walk or ride, depending on whether he could start his auto.
My old computer and I have been together a long time, both are slowing, difficult to get started.  We work together pretty well.  Over time we have stored up lots of information, just can’t remember as much as we once did, like where, when and what, however, given some, we will get it all together….Confusing??? If you are fortunate, you will get there….
Weekly numbers for BladenOnline….week of February 17-23:
Page views: 68,925
Visits: 25,509.
For the month of February:
Page Views: 289,686
Views: 116,332 compared with 101,410 a year ago.
Most Read Stories – February
7,005: White Lake man loses life moving mobile home
6,265: Sixteen charged for distribution of controlled substance
4,974: Vehicle possibly in Cape Fear River
3,609: Bladen’s Best of the Best for 2019
3,291: Heroin charges dismissed, felony reduced to misdemeanor and 11 cases continued
3,278: Bladen County election investigation links
Again, thanks for your continued support of BladenOnline….The Best Is Yet To Come.
Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.  Dennis P. Kimbro
Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.
Stars can’t shine without darkness.
robert g hester


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