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Thoughts While Shaving

A reminder of the celebration at Baldwin Branch Missionary Baptist Church Sunday, beginning at 3 PM.  Their male chorus has been in the singing business 48 years. Other groups will be singing as well, open to all.

About half of Bladen County will join counties along the NC-SC border, all the way to Mecklenburg County attempting to narrow the list of Republican candidates for the North Carolina 9th US Congressional seat, now vacant.  The primary election is set for May 14.  Only one Democrat is seeking the seat.  The Republican winner and the Democrat will square off later this year.  The seat is currently vacant.

Bladen is currently split between the 9th and 7th district, thanks to our NC Legislature…Looking back, Bladen has been ‘shuffled’ around by both political parties….some dates overlap, may be off slightly.

1929-49 (7th District)  Bayard Clark (D) Fayetteville attorney (Bladen native)

1949-57 (7th District)  F. Ertyl Carlyle (D) Lumberton attorney

1957-73 (7th District)  Alton A. Lennon (D) Wilmington attorney

1961-77 (3rd District) David Henderson (D) Wallace attorney

1977-86 (3rd District) Charlie Whitley (D) Mt. Olive attorney

1986-95 (3rd District) Martin Lancaster (D) Wayne County attorney

1973-97 (7th District) Charlie Rose (D) Fayetteville attorney

1993-03 (1st District) Eva Clayton (D) Warren County business person

1997-15 (7th District) Mike McIntyre (D) Lumberton attorney

2013-19 (9th District) Robert Pittinger (R) Charlotte businessman

2015-     (7th District) David Rouzer (R) Johnston County businessman

‘Bout the only thing Bladen can bet on is change…..

US Supreme Court is currently reviewing the North Carolina redistricting situation.  Based on the past, expect little change…

Masters Golf Tournament begins today.  Never been there, but it appears to be one of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world.

Changing the subject briefly, my mom, Myrtle Cain Hester, died 15 years ago, yesterday.  Still miss her.  She could stretch a dollar farther than any person I have ever known, seldom complained, and was at Zion Hill Baptist Church, near Bladenboro whenever the doors were open.  A great role model. RIP….

Being a good role model is the most powerful form of educating.  John Wooden

Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.  Anonymous

I never thought a role model should be negative.  Michael Jordan

robert g hester