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Thoughts While Shaving

Check yesterday’s Thoughts for a list of activities in Bladen, today, and add a few.  The N.C. Interscholastic Cycling League Mountain Bike Race, a 2 day event, is underway at Brown’s Creek Nature Park & Bike Trail.  The Trail is located at 1992 East Broad Street, across from the entrance to Lock & Dam #2.  There are no doubt others in the area…
Checked the National Service site at the Curtis Brown Airport….winds around 5 p.m. yesterday were clocked at 24 mph with gust at 43.  Actually, winds were still strong ’til shortly after 11 last evening.  By midnight, winds were in the 5 mph range.
We can expect a beautiful day, today as we clean up the limbs.  Forecast is for sunny skies, high mid 70s with westerly winds 6-9 mph.  Sunday, mostly sunny, high in the low 80s, windy with gusts in the 20 mph range.  Monday thru Thursday, sunny, highs in the mid 80s, calm winds. I may use the excuse that if tomorrow is to be windy, I wait until early next week to clean up the debris.
I agree with a statement made recently, that anyone representing a Congressional District should be required to be a residents of the district.  With nearly a million residents in each, surely there is someone qualified to represent the district.  And I have no idea where any of the current candidates reside.
I recall as a youngster, being behind a 2 horse turn plow following a team of a mule and a horse, breaking ground, windy, dusty, dirty, but the show must go on.  A few years of farming in the early to mid 50s helped me decide about a different occupation.  So, when JZ and Sally Hinson offered a job at Hinson’s Super Market in Bladenboro, I gladly accepted.  It was cool in hot weather, warm in cold and old spoiled (rotten) potato & onion bins smelled better than a mule and horse ‘breaking wind”.  (For the record, the HInson’s did not seek me out, they hired after I ask)
We live in a society where the pizza delivery person gets to your house before the police.
We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.
The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room.
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