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Thoughts While Shaving

Checked my rain gauge and compared with the official numbers at the nearby Curtis Brown Airport…total rainfall over the past 3 or 4 days, about an inch.  Bet farmers would like to see more.  Next best chance is the weekend, ranges from 30% to 60%, Friday thru Sunday.

Thinking about items no longer needed on todays’ farm….horse collars, singletree (?), one row planters, peanut weeders, tobacco planter…all a necessity in the 1950 and 60s.  Seldom see a tobacco bed…see less and less tobacco fields.

And speaking of farming, be mindful of big equipment sharing the roadways…room for all, if we respect those around us.

Blueberries, Bladen’s #1 row crop, should be ’bout ready for harvest, may already be picking.

School year coming to a close in traditional schools…difficult to stay focused when it’s sunny and warm outside.

Remember when there was a grade for writing, cursive?  There was a fair amount of time spent on the subject?  Today, so different.  Windows 10 may ‘force’ me back to a wooden pencil and a blank sheet of paper…..kickin’ my back side.

Stock market is up and down, OK as long as more ups than downs, especially for senior retirees…

If you were President or Governor for a week, what would you like to change?

Don’t try to teach a caterpillar to fly!  Create an environment where it transforms into a butterfly.

Resistance is better than apathy: only dead fish float with the current.

Celebrate your failures and take enough time to learn from them.

robert g hester


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