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Thoughts While Shaving

Winners in yesterday’s election (Bladen County)

US Congress   Dan Bishop

Bladen County Commissioner (must be certified)

Russell Priest  676

Wayne Edge   672

Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors (2 highest win)

Earl Storms    1140

Charles Wendell Gillespie   1090

Tim Gause   954

9th Congressional race:

Dan Bishop (R) receives 47% district-wide and will face Dan McCready (D) in General Election.

East Bladen baseball team continues winning ways in state playoffs. (check Sport Page for details)

Drop in sales tax concerns local officials

White Lake Water Festival this weekend…Parade 10 AM Saturday…

Tariff talk continues in D.C. and across the USA…

Good Southern sayings!

Runnin’ like a chicken with his head cut off…

He squeezes a quarter so tight the eagle screams.

I’m as poor as a church mouse..

She’s lost as last year’s Easter eggs…

robert g hester


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