Thoughts While Shaving
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The final four rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft resumes at 12 noon today and is expected to last about 7 hours.

Bladen County’s own Larrell Murchison is hopeful his name will be called, has been projected to be in today’s rounds. If his name is called today, he would be Bladen’s first player selected in an NFL Draft … We wish him the best…

So, how are you dealing with ‘time off’, if in fact you are out of work?

Apparently ‘no school’ for the balance of this school year, doesn’t mean it is a holiday for youngsters and teachers. Youngsters have assignments and teachers are helpful.

‘Hot Spots’ are available for youngsters seeking access to internet. Star Communications has numerous sites throughout Bladen and Sampson counties and indications are, it is being used. There are a total of 32 sites in the 2 counties, many located at schools … and since March 30th, an average of 65 connections using 4.5GB of data per day have been recorded. It’s free, courtesy of Star…

I can’t remember to wear a face mask … have one well preserved…

Wish I would win the lottery, would set up a fund to help those suffering thru tough times … no such luck as of this day … still hopeful…

“Let go of the past.”

“Enlarge your vision.”

“Live to give.” … all courtesy of Charles Osteen…

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