Thoughts While Shaving
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Difficult to believe we are in the final few days of April 2020. How are you doing with New Year’s Resolutions?

I am a dreamer, love to dream … unless a really bad dream. … Guess some may think I have spent my life dreaming … and I have. Began early, dreaming there must be a better way to make grocery money than being a share-cropper…

I had the high honor of serving 8 years as a Bladen County Commissioner (1974-82) … later spent 25 years as Field Rep for NC Association of County Commissioners, working with all 100 counties and enjoyed every minute…

I spent some time last night dreaming about the budgeting process for the coming year … with the nation, state, counties, and towns in the middle of a ‘big mess’ … not caused by the action of anyone … and the fact that it’s time for governments at every level to begin the budget process for the coming year … just wondering where to begin…

Times are tough for many … less revenue, more needs, and many are strugglin’ just to buy groceries and gas and other essentials … but the law says the budget must be approved prior to July 1. … State and US governments seem to be exempt … drag on for months, and at the US level, for years … just approve a continuing resolution … NOT so at the local level…

And many businesses are closed or working on a reduced schedule … Restaurants are drastically affected … county-wide. No doubt, the sales tax stream will produce less.

Oh well … I finally woke up and remembered … none of that is my business. … I just pay my share and leave the ‘heavy lifting’ to the current boards…

You know it’s going to be a “Rotten Day”

“When your twin sister forgot your birthday”

“When your boss tells you not to bother to take off your coat”

“You put both contact lenses in the same eye”

Robert g Hester

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