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Thoughts While Shaving for April 6

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Searching thru files of the National Weather Service and discovered info from April 6, 2009 … About 10:40 AM, 12 years ago today, an EF-2 tornado touched down across southern Bladen County, NC, about 5 miles southeast of Clarkton. The tornado was on the ground approximately 2 minutes with estimated wind speeds of 115 mph. The most destructive path was about 100 yards with a total path length of about 1.5 miles. No injuries were reported with the tornado, but some homes suffered serious damage. The National Weather Service in Wilmington, NC issued a tornado warning 5 minutes prior to the first touchdown…

I did not remember, until I began searching some weather info for the area last evening … brought back memories … actually, there was more damage in the general area … Bladen Baptist men were very involved ‘early on’ following the storm…

On the topic of weather, 55 degrees at 4:30 this AM. Great forecast for the next 2 or 3 days … Sunny, today with a high near 83 and a west wind in the 5 to 7 mph range. Clear tonight, low around 54. Wednesday, sunny with a high near 86 … Wednesday night, mostly clear with a low around 57 and looking ahead to Thursday, mostly sunny, with a high near 83 … Enjoy … Nothing more refreshing than springtime in Bladen…

Nothing more frustrating for an ‘old poot’ like me, attempting to function in a young person’s world … When I have technology issues, I can compound them in a short time frame … I was in rare form yesterday … but, battled thru … still battling…

Not sure why I thought of this, but I did. Wonder why folks spend time planting a garden, planting veggies they do not like and do not plan to eat, like radish. Guess they plan on sharing…

We have numerous ‘critters’ residing in or near a creek (ravine) behind our house … have seen deer, fox, coyotes, squirrels, turtles, but no rabbits. Been told if you have coyotes you probably will not have rabbits … anyway, back to my story, my bride called recently, it was a hurry-up call … And to our delight, a wild turkey came strolling through the yard, from the creek, by our house, across the road and on past a neighbors’ house and into a wide open field, no idea of the final destination, but think it must have lost it’s ‘buddies’ and was looking for them … I love living in rural Bladen County, NC, USA.

“Smile, it is spring.”

“Sometimes in life we just need a hug … no words, no advice, just a hug to make us feel like we matter.”

“SPRING … A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

robert g hester

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