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Thoughts While Shaving for August 12

Ever asked if you are a Republican or Democrat? One of my Sunday School classmates shared recently that when he was asked that question, his reply was I am a Methodist. … I hope and pray I live long enough to see our nation more united than is currently the situation. Guess the last time we felt like ‘one nation under God’ was following the 9/11 attacks … a long time ago.

Touchy subject, one I refuse comment on. … I tend to read and listen to opposing views and not as sure as most that my info is correct, so ‘no comment’. And, kind of a stubborn ‘old jackleg’, do not always follow the crowd. Never met anyone I agreed with all the time.

Our average high temp for August is 87. High today near 88, windy with gusts up to 16 mph. Chance of rain increases during mid week to the 40% to 70% range.

A reminder that you can pay your property taxes prior to August 31, and save a ‘whopping’ 1%. That’s the best offer.

BladenOnline stats for the last week:

August 4-10
Page views: 50,274
Visits: 19,255


1,333: Carolina Vision Center welcomed to Elizabethtown

1,094: Opinion – 6 examples of how local desperado’s trail exemplifies changes needed to end shootings.

966 – Mistrial for Mackenzie Brisson case

Again, thanks for your continued support of BladenOnline … local news, hometown reporters, no subscription fees.

Still think downtown Elizabethtown is one of North Carolina’s ‘most attractive’ small towns.

It’s Monday, August 12, 2019. Enjoy!

“I forgot to duck, honey.” Ronald Reagan to Nancy (his bride) after being shot.

“Stop your nonsense and drink your whiskey!” Zachary Taylor, when it was suggested to him that he consider running for president.

“Yes, but my eyesight is getting bad.” Former First Lady Barbara Bush, asked in 2002 if she still considered her husband to be the most handsome man in the world.

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