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Thoughts While Shaving for December 20

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This is the last day to file for the 2020 political contest … At 12 noon today, the filing season ends. So, if you are ‘on the fence’ to run or not … very little time to make up your mind.

There are a few new names to add to the Bladen County political ballot…

Judy Bowen (R) filed for County Commissioner, District 3, Mark Gillespie (D) filed for at-large County Commissioner and Anthony Mascob (L) filed for NC Senate, seat now held by Bill Rabon who is seeking another term. It’s today or not this time if you not file by 12 noon … today.

Attended a nice function sponsored annually by Daine and Charlotte Smith for their employees and families. The Smith’s own and operate Cape Fear Heating and Cooling and BladenOnline. Nice affair at Lu Mil…

BladenOnline was birthed on February 1, 2008, by yours truly. Had no idea what or how … just thought it was needed, and still do. Local folks, covering local news and sports for local residents, former residents and others.

Have shared the story, but not recently. Sold an old auto and used the proceeds to begin BladenOnline. I was covering news, sports, selling ads and Ken Pervine was the person in charge of the technical part of the deal … Frankly, I was over my head, but over a period of time, I had several part-time helpers who would ‘bail me out’ of trouble … one being John Clark. Called John to ask about someone to cover sports on a part-time basis. I knew he was involved in various sporting events … he was coaching a church league basketball team, he was a referee, and a full-time Dupont employee. I knew he was busy, but called to ask if he knew someone who may be interested. And, to my surprise, he indicated he may be. That was much needed good news … and the relationship has continued for 11, maybe 12 years. John and I traded old tales from yesteryear and updated each other on more recent events at the party last night, while our spouses were held hostage for sometime … A fun time for an elderly citizen (me).

Thanks for the friendship, for the conversation and to Daine and Charlotte for the invitation. … The Smiths are now operating from their new location on South Poplar Street, Elizabethtown. They recently relocated to the former John Deere lawn mower location near Elizabethtown Middle School. All are invited to a ribbon cutting Monday, December 30, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Local folks covering local news, sports and more … and in the heating and cooling business…

I collect one liners … and share often…

“A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant one follows public opinion.” Chinese Proverb

“The middle course is the best.” Cleobulus

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up at some place else.” Yogi Berra

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