Thoughts While Shaving
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Scrolling thru a Nashville, Tennessee newspaper yesterday and saw an article about Elizabethtown, NC native Larrell Murchison giving back to his community, this Christmas season … No surprise from this corner. That’s how he was raised and if not for medical issues, could have been two, including his twin brother, Farrell, playing in the NFL … You can read an article elsewhere in BladenOnline … Good family … The NC State grad is now a rookie on the Tennessee Titans NFL team.

Second local NFL player and family who did not forget where they came from … Desmond Bryant has given back to his hometown for years … Has sponsored a free football camp for several years for youngsters, giving away shirts and other memorabilia, spending time with locals at East Bladen High School. He played for Oakland and Cleveland before retiring … with a pocketful of money and a degree from Harvard … Sources indicated issues with an irregular heartbeat may have cut his NFL career short. Murchison and Bryant are/were lineman … Big young men…

Well … we are all waiting patiently for Santa … He is on the way, may have some issues with the weather, but he will arrive with toys for all good little boys and girls…

Never too old to dream about Santa … miss the fruit, nuts, a homemade shirt or two … Always ask for a baseball glove, but he ran out of those before reaching our house … Seemed like it was always, maybe next year…

Santa is likely to have to navigate some strong winds … and cold temps … but he should be accustomed to that type weather coming from the North Pole … Always wondered, where is the North Pole?

Wonder if Santa is required to wear a mask? What about Rudolph? How ’bout the other reindeer?

Showers and possibly thunderstorms are in today’s forecast … some could be severe, with damaging, gusty winds. High near 70 … gusts as high as 34 mph and a 90% chance of rain. Same type situation tonight. Forecast for Christmas Day … (tomorrow) … Mostly sunny, with a high near 41. West wind 11 to 16 mph with gusts as high as 34 mph. Bundle up … And, if you get a bike or a wagon or some other outdoor type toy … be patient … Better weather is on the way…

“When you stop believing in Santa is when you start getting clothes for Christmas…”

“Mary and Joseph had a stable relationship, didn’t they?”

“Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year no matter what the evidence is.”

robert g hester

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