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Thoughts While Shaving for December 26

Hope your Christmas Day was good … for many, the holiday continues for a couple of more days … Enjoy…

A reminder from the folks that operate Bladen County Solid Waste sites … Normal operations resume today … the transfer station resumes a normal schedule Monday.

High temp for Christmas Day was 39 degrees (daytime), was 24 degrees at 5 AM this morning … Forecast for today … Sunny, with a high near 42 with west wind 3 to 7 mph. Tonight, clear with a low around 24. Sunny Sunday with a high near 53…

Hope your Christmas Day was all you hoped for … good at the Hester household … still some visiting to do…

I’m kinda jealous of folks with youngsters who get so excited at Christmas time … but have had my time … years ago.

Can’t help but think about folks with family far-a-way and less likely to travel during the pandemic, or senior citizens with no family to speak of … or families with more sickness than they know how to deal with … or those dealing with a death in the family … I am among men, most richly blessed…

Kinda looking forward to returning to a normal routine…

“I hear what you say, but I see what you do…”

“I’ve found that common sense is not so common.” Mark Twain

“Philosophy is common sense with big words.” James Madison

“There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.” Frank Lloyd Wright

robert g hester

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