Thoughts While Shaving
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To all who have all the answers for how our government should be operated … I have good news … Filing for office-holders begins Monday, for offices from the courthouse to the state and US Congress … Take your pick, and file between Monday, December 6 ’til Friday, December 17 … And, if you don’t file, quit complaining … I wish you well … Tell us how you will make it better and if more folks agree with you and vote for you, then you become the ‘cursed’. If you want to run for President, you must wait a couple of years … You can file for public office at the local board of elections … behind the Post Office in Elizabethtown.

Lord, we need rain … one of the few things politicians can’t do anything about … except hope and pray…

Local temp was 53 degrees at 4:45 a.m. today. Forecast for today … Sunny, with a high near 76 and a northwest breeze at about 8 mph. Mostly clear tonight with a low around 48. Tomorrow, mostly sunny with a high near 78. Our best hope for rain is 40% chance Tuesday night, 50% chance Wednesday, 40% chance Wednesday night and a 30% chance Thursday…

NFL score from last night … Dallas Cowboys (8-4) 27 – New Orleans Saints (5-7) 17.

If you have more money than you know what to do with, looking for a tax write off … Give to a good, worthy causes … Southeast Carolina Crossroads, Boys and Girls Home are a couple of good ones, but there are many more…

I now depart my ‘stump’ and prepare for a trip to Raleigh, meet folks I worked with for 20-plus years … Kind of a homecoming get-to-gether … Looking forward to seeing them…

“It takes a long time to grow an old friend.” John Leonard

“There’s no friends like the old friends.” James Joyce

“Happiness is meeting up with old friends after a long time apart.”

robert g hester